I failed my initial test.

What now?

You will need to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired. Completing repairs at a certified emissions repair facility like Oceanside Auto will qualify you for a cost waiver if necessary.

 I failed my free retest.

What should I do?

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for a cost waiver. If you had repairs completed by a friend or a non-certified facility, the cost waiver does not apply. You will need to have the vehicle diagnosed and repaired. If you do not have a facility you trust, Oceanside Auto is certified for emissions repairs. Any test from this point forward will cost $20

My check engine light isn't even on! Why did I fail?

If the battery was disconnected/died or you had recent repairs completed, the vehicle needs to go through a drive cycle to recognize all the systems are operating properly. Drive cycles are periods of varied driving - hills, flat roads, different speeds and cycles of stopping and starting. Every car is different. If you are having trouble completing the drive cycle, ask our staff how we can help.